Is having a virtual affair really being unfaithful?

The definition of being unfaithful in the past used to be pretty straightforward. If you had sex or had a relationship with somebody other than your partner, then that was cheating. Nowadays, infidelity isn’t that cut and dry.


With so many types of relationships out there, so are the standards in which are considered to be cheating. There are some couples that consider chatting online too much with a close friend to be a form of cheating while other couples only consider cheating to be anything done in the physical sense alone. There are also some that consider emotional cheating as a way worse offense than having a random hookup with a stranger by using apps for sex dates like 6App is.

Define the boundaries

Having an affair online can be taken as being unfaithful to your partner depending on how you define your relationship and whether or not you are lying to your significant other. If you haven’t really defined the boundaries of your relationship with your partner on whether or not you will be exclusive, then the affairs that you have online shouldn’t be considered to be cheating on them.

Once you have defined your relationship and your boundaries for what is and isn’t cheating, then you will have a basis on which to judge if what you are doing is wrong. You can have an online affair and not be in trouble with your partner if all you are doing is a light flirtation that you don’t really mean. However, if you have developed feelings for that other person and are starting to lie to your partner because of it, then this can be considered as being unfaithful.

Even if there is no touching, there can be serious harm to a relationship. If a person is seeing someone else online, if it bothers the relationship, it is time to leave the chat. Online infidelity is an emotional affair that can lead to the development of an intimate relationship. Since there is no physical contact, it may not seem real but it is.

Assess the potential damages

When a person in a relationship has an online affair, it is similar to having a physical fling. The damages that can be done to a family include neglecting the partner or spending time away from the children. The secrecy of an online affair is the same as a real one. When the partner discovers that the other one has someone else online and it has been going on behind their back, the trust will be broken. The online affair will hurt the other person and may bring about a jealous fight.

When the online chat develops into cybersex, it is easy to get carried away. Cybersex can be addictive, adding yet another dimension of difficulty to the sexual interaction with the real partner. The constant desire to have cybersex will take time and attention away from the family. Cybersex does make a person want to meet their online partner for a real sex date, and then the infidelity is no longer virtual but physical.

If you still want to keep your relationship intact, rather than searching online for happiness, you should talk to your partner about how to make your relationship better. You don’t have to feel guilty or ashamed of going online for sex dating if the state of your current relationship can no longer be fixed.